The lessons in the masterclass are aimed at the proficient language user. 

If you have a firm grasp of your language and wish to acquaint yourself with techniques and tools relevant for undertaking significant work, the masterclass is for you.

We work with methods to handle a larger project – such as a novel or a collection of short stories. From planning the novel or short story collection to the actual work with prose, there are challenges that can be more easily overcome if the author is equipped beforehand and knows the pitfalls.

In the masterclass, we also work on the establishment of fictional characters and delve into differences between narrative, action-oriented, and contemplative prose, short story collections, novels, and, overall, larger prose texts.

  • Where can things go wrong, and how does one start off correctly?
  • How do you establish fictional characters?
  • What is the difference between narrative, action-oriented, and contemplative prose?

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