Narrative perspectives

Narrative perspectives. Writing course for the proficient language user in need of input for the short story or novel.

Narrative perspectives. Who narrates the novel we’re writing? When we start writing, we often don’t have a conscious relationship with the story’s narrator. It’s us as authors who also narrate the story.

It’s not always appropriate.

Gaining distance from the story can often be what ignites the imagination and courage in the author. By becoming aware of the technical possibilities inherent in working with narrative perspective, we can simultaneously give ourselves completely new and inspiring starting points for telling what we have in mind.

There are many possibilities within this field, which may be one of the most significant areas for us to delve into as writers. Along the way in the course, we will, among other things, delve into:

  • The omniscient narrator,
  • The personal narrator (1st person and 3rd person),
  • The impersonal (omniscient and limited omniscient),
  • The framing narrator and
  • The unreliable narrator.

The course is not for beginners.

The course extends over just under 2 months.

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