Course II

In Course II, we continue the presentation of theory and practice and expand the student’s knowledge of the most useful techniques that every writer should know.

In Course II, we delve into some of the many exciting possibilities that come with an expanded knowledge of techniques and the selection of sources of inspiration.

When we don’t just ‘write on’ but consciously consider what we want to achieve with the text, we can create prose of much higher quality. At the same time, there can be great inspiration in knowing which artistic techniques our most skilled authors have employed.

We also explore how we can draw inspiration and constructive insights for the creative process from the real world. How can photography, painting, the factual good story, help us to write captivating prose?

Like Course I, Course II extends over a good month’s time. The writing work is a bit more demanding. And the level is higher.

  • Learn theory that enhances your creative possibilities.
  • Test the theory in practice.
  • Receive constructive feedback from your course leader.
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